One Year of Laughtercise at My Online Schooling

Laughtercise is one of many online wellbeing lessons we offer in My Online Schooling's Junior School, where the focus is humour, health and harnessing happiness. Laughter is the best medicine, as it gives our brains and bodies a much needed boost. It relaxes us from the inside out, giving us a feel-good attitude to help send our worries away. 

We're sharing how our pupils feel about these one of a kind wellness lessons to celebrate one year of Laughtercise at My Online Schooling. But first, here are a few quick facts about laughter and its benefits:

The Magic of Laughter - Quick Facts:

  • We laugh with our whole bodies, so we use up a lot of energy
  • It's not only humans that laugh, for instance, chimpanzees and rats have a sense of humour too!
  • Laughter lowers our stress levels, which keeps our hearts healthy
  • We bond and communicate through laughter


Laughtercise at My Online Schooling

Learning every day throughout the week is hard work, so it's important we find time to relax and unwind. During our Laughtercise sessions, our Junior pupils stay connected with humour and giggles. They tell stories through creative movements and sounds. All seriousness is left at the door so their imaginations can run wild.

With the help of our instructors, Aaron Betesta and Harriet Brady-Jackson, our Laughercise pupils break up their week with a bit of a wiggle and a dance - there’s chuckling, sweating and silliness all around. 

What Do Our Families Think?

We reached out to our pupils to find out what has them so tickled about Laughtercise. Here's what a few of them said: 

How do the Laughtercise sessions make you feel?

“It makes me feel happy and relaxed.” Liam, Year 6

“Very excited and happy.” Karen, Year 5

“Amazing!” Jessie, Year 4

What is your favourite part of the Laughtercise sessions?

“The movements that we have to do.” Liam, Year 6

“The story movements.” Karen, Year 5

“Brain/ Body movements.” Jessie, Year 4

How would you describe the Laughtercise class to a friend?

“It is loads of fun.” Liam, Year 6

“The teachers are kind and it energises you and is also a lot of fun.” Karen, Year 5

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Laughtercise?

“I enjoy the classes and the teachers are great!” Liam, Year 6

“Epic activity live and on the platform with the recorded classes - love it!” Karen, Year 5

Laughtercise has truly been contagious at MOS! We’re delighted to see the positive impact it’s having on our pupils, and we can't wait to offer more of these sessions next academic year.

We're grateful to the Laughtercise team who work with MOS as they continue to spread joy throughout our Junior school. We extend a huge thank you to our Laughtercise pupils who provided such wonderful feedback.

Want To Learn More?

If you are already enrolled at My Online Schooling and would like to find out more about Laughtercise, please get in touch with your Success Coordinator - they will be happy to tell you more. If you are ready for your child to receive the benefits of a regular giggle, make sure to add Laughtercise to your 22/23 enrolment form!

If you are not enrolled with us yet but are interested in enrolling for next term, please book a call with our Admissions Team. Simply click the button below to book your call: 

Book a Call with Admissions

If you’d like to learn more about the Laughtercise team and what they do, head on over to You can also follow them on:


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